The overall length of the oval is 300 meters and has a width of over 20 meters. The top layer of the track is made out of a fine red gravel type, giving the track its own characteristic softer cushion surface, unlike many other tracks in Europe that are typically clay based and have a much harder surface. Famous cushion tracks in the USA include Lima, Delmar and Pomona.



Flat track or dirt track racing originated in the early 1900's in the USA. In the early beginnings the tracks were made of wood boards and was subsequently named board track racing. Due to the high fatality rate board track racing was banned and flat tracks took their place. Flat Tracks are oval dirt circuits with a go left racing direction. Track lengths vary from 200 meters (1/8 mile) to 1600 meters (1 mile).  



In the old days flat track machines were primarily Harley and Indian based. Think of WR and KR 750 Harleys and Indian 500/750 scouts. In the 50's and 60's the britsh introduced their singles with the likes of Matchless , BSA and Triumph their 650 twins. During the 80's and 90's the sport evolved into a class system of singles and twins. The singles predominately consisting out of rotax and yamaha powered singles from 600 to 500cc and the twins were  predominantly xr750 Harleys. Now 20 years later the class system evolved to a 450cc production based singles class and a twins class divided into dedicated 750 racers like the Indian FTR 750 and production derived twins mainly consisting out of Kawasaki 650's and Harley 750's. On an amateur level the racing classes are more diverse. Please also check the regulations page for more info about machine eligibility. 




Speedway Lelystad was built from the ground up in 2004 by Amsterdam based speedway riders/enthusiasts. Their previous track was based in the Amsterdam harbour area but due to city expansion their land lease was terminated and they had to look for greener pastures which they found in Lelystad. Since that time the track mostly catered for the national speedway community.



In 2017 the track was taken over by dirt track riders and enthusiasts to give the track a dual sport destination. And although the new owners are more Flat Track biased it still caters for its speedway riders.


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